Bobby Wilson

Christine Padua

Donny Most

Sam Austin

Debby Campbell

Aris Weathersby

  Pop artist Aris Weathersby is a native southern Californian whose love of music started at a young age. Growing up in a household where...
Bobby Wilson A talented entertainer who received high critical acclaim for his recreation of the legendary Jackie Wilson – a stage persona he undertook long before learning that he was the rightful heir to the legacy
Christine Padua Her grandmother came from a family of both amateur and professional musicians and her grandfather was a trumpet player in their native Italy. She grew up in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.
Sam Austin This talented young artist grew up with the Blue Ridge Mountains as his backyard. His unique sound has pleased audiences for years. Now he is making his mark on the national stage.
Aris Weathersby Pop artist Aris Weathersby is a native southern Californian whose love of music started at a young age. Growing up in a household where it was as common to hear Parliament-Funkadelic coming from the stereo as it was Merle Haggard, he quickly learned an appreciation for all genres of music.
Debby Campbell In honor of her father, Glen Campbell's birthday, Debby Campbell is releasing The Way We Were, a tribute album of her father’s iconic hits. “As hard as it was to sometimes go into the studio and sing some of dad’s songs, I knew in my heart it would help me get through his loss.  The heartbreak will never go away.
Donny Most Inspired by his love of swing, jazz and big band music, he created the musical revue Donny Most Sings and Swings.
Plateau Music the Nashville record label of Nashville Record Producer Tony Mantor, and Nashville Recording studios with legendary publishers, producers and major labels. He specializes in artist Development, Record Production, and video Promotion.

Plateau Music works with recording artists: Bobby Wilson, Aris Weathersby, Debby Campbell, Christine Padua, Donny Most and Sam Austin within the genres of pop, r&b, adult contemporary and country.

Mantor, CEO and Executive Producer at Plateau Music went to Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass.

Tony toured the rock' roll circuit as a singer/songwriter. He visited Nashville and a short time later became band leader and keyboardist for Ronnie McDowell.

He traveled to Nashville for several years performing and doing studio work until he decided to make the move and start Plateau Music, a Nashville recording studio and record label. He then had the opportunity to work alongside many successful industry veterans. He continued to develop strong contacts within the A&R, Publishing, Production, and Promotion communities. His mentors, producers that helped shape the last 30 years of music, contributed to his learning of the music business. Tony deals directly with the major industry players, not only in Nashville, but L. A. and New York as well.

Tony has worked with Artists at every level including those just getting started, American Idol contestants to seasoned Artists that perform all over the world.
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